August 24, 2008

Changing Priorities

I celebrated my 29th birthday a couple of days ago, without much fanfare. Before PK was born, birthdays were a big production - I'd have one celebration with my parents, one with friends, and one with the hubby. This particular birthday was partly spent sleeping in (if you call it sleeping in) after a late-night feeding, and we also spent some time at the pediatrician's office check on PK's weight. The only birthday-related thing we did was have my sister and her husband over for dinner that evening, and even that was pretty low-key. While they were there, we bathed PK, ate some take-out Thai food, had some birthday cake, and I got in a couple of PK feedings. And you know what? It was a great day. :)

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Fawn said...

I like celebrating birthdays, too, but haven't had a chance to have a real party since the one right before Jade was born. Maybe I can squeeze one in this year just before Nugget's birthday... but I'll be cutting it close!

Happy belated birthday, Indy!