August 11, 2008


The hours following PK's birth were nothing short of euphoric. I'd read that after giving birth, the hormones are just going crazy, and the mother is just ecstatic. I definitely was. I still couldn't believe that I had given birth to this baby. Moreover, I couldn't believe that I'd managed to hold off on having that pesky epidural. I was sure close to having one, but the hubby brought me to my sense. I am both proud and pleased for not having had one. I am equally-pleased by the fact that my time in active labor was so short.

When I look back on the whole labor, it makes me both laugh and smile. I smile because I did it. All of that practicing of HypnoBirthing breathing techniques, all of that reading, all of that exercising. It was well worth it. I laugh because I was a wreck during labor. During the pushing phase, when I was sure that I was going to crap all over the bed (which I'm sure I did) and when I was in this excruciating pain (by then the breathing had gone out the window), I was swearing like a freaking sailor. All the while the nurses were perfectly calm, telling me how well I was doing. I think they were secretly cursing me and wishing that I'd just shut the F! up.

My euphoria lasted me the entire day, which was good and bad. It was good because it kept me alert enough for the stream of visitors we got at the hospital. Shortly after PK's birth, my mom (my dad was out of town) and my in-laws were there to see their new grand-daughter. She's the first grand-daughter for my parents, and the second for my in-laws. Still, they were just as excited to see her as they were to meet their first grand-daughter. My sister and her husband also visited, and so did the hubby's sister and her husband, along with their little girl.

I did manage to steal two small naps during course of the day, with my fatigue finally overtaking my adrenaline rush. PK was super-calm on day one, and I should've taken that as my cue to get more sleep. Still, I don't regret it. I had fun talking to various family members and showing PK off to them.

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