August 15, 2008


I keep making the mistake of not getting any rest during the day while PK sleeps, tidying the house, doing some baking, and posting the latest pictures online for the family to see instead.

This of course kills me at night, since I wind up sleeping in two- to four-hour spurts in-between feedings, which leaves me really drowsy for those nighttime feedings. Fortunately the hubby is around to keep me in check, but I can't expect him to do this once he goes back to work in a couple of weeks.

Today, it all caught up to me. One minute, the hubby and I were watching the movie <I>Airplane!</i> in the living room. The next minute, I found myself with my head buried in his shoulder. We both ended up napping for an hour or so, and it was just what we both needed! I guess that'll teach me! Or then again, probably not...
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