August 15, 2008

Out for a Stroll

On Tuesday, we decided to take PK out for her first stroller ride in her brand-new Bugaboo Bee. We bundled her up in a yellow little hat and booties in addition to the little orange onesie she had on which was a tad too big on her. She looked like such a cute little smurf!

When we put her in the stroller, she was out cold, so she didn't even fuss. We had originally planned to just walk one block and then head home, but she was so out of it that we ended extending our walk and found ourselves at this great crepe place in our neighborhood which we hadn't been to in ages. We ended up enjoying our delicious crepes outside in the late afternoon sun. All the while, PK was sound asleep.

It was a wonderful end to the afternoon, and a great beginning to many more wonderful strolls in our neighborhood.
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Fawn said...

What an idiot I am! I had so much stuff in my reader when I got back from our holidays that I decided to subscribe to PK Land once I got it cleaned up. Of course, I forgot to do it when I actually did clean it out. So many missed commenting opportunities! :P

Sounds like you and hubby are coping pretty well. :) And how great that you have family around to help out. Those first few weeks really are exhausting. Do remember to nap at least SOME of the time, though1