August 15, 2008


It's funny how babies develop certain mannerisms even this early into their existence. Here are some PK-isms that I've noticed so far:

<B>1. Periscope Eye</b>
PK doesn't typically like to open both eyes at the same time. Instead, she prefers to open one eye to inspect the situation and if she's happy with what she sees, she opens both eyes. It never fails to crack me up!

<B>2. Praise Jesus Hands</b>
When PK is in deep sleep, she loves to flail her arms outward in a sudden jerky motion. The hubby aptly nicknamed this the "praise Jesus" arms because it looks like she's doing some sort of church worship move.

<B>3. Poop Legs</b>
You can tell that PK is pooping when she brings her legs up and looks like she is concentrating very hard on something. Maybe someday she can channel that energy to make things move telekinetically!

<B>4. PK Special</b>
While PK does enjoy being swaddled, she HATES having her arms trapped in the swaddle, so we've created a modified swaddle for her called the PK Special, which leaves her arms free. She loves this, because she loves falling asleep with her arms up beside her head.

<B>5. Breast-Feeding Clench</b>
Whenever PK breast-feeds, she loves to burrow her face in my boob, and she always brings her little hands to either side of the boob, right up close to her mouth, clenched in a fist. I love watching her feed as she does this - it is just adorable!
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