August 14, 2008

Projectile Poop

For me, changing diapers is a two-person job. The hubby can somehow change a diaper by himself, but I personally find PK too squirmy to handle on my own. I have to admit though, that compared to changing her now, the first few diaper changes were relatively easy. The early poopy diapers were mostly this thick black sludge (meconium), weren't all that smelly, and, if you put Vaseline on the diaper and on the baby's butt, not that bad to wipe off. As my colostrum changed into milk, however, PK's poop went from sludgy and black to mushy and brown, and now, to a runny mustardy and seedy consistency.

We'd heard stories from friends of ours with infants about projectile poop, but we'd never experienced it first-hand until a couple of days ago. Usually PK is really fussy during diaper changes, so one of us calms her down by putting a finger in her mouth while the other one changes her. This time, the hubby was on butt-cleaning duty. Just as he finished wiping PK's butt, she started pooping all over the place, including on the clean diaper that he'd set out for her.

But there was more. The poop just kept coming out. It went on forever, and it got to the point where she was firing it out of her butt and directly in the hubby's direction. Somehow she missed him, but it did hit the edge of her playpen. All the while, she was as relaxed as I'd ever seen her. Meanwhile, I'm passing wipes to the hubby with my right hand, have my index finger of my left hand in her mouth, and am holding her right leg up with my pinky and ring finger of my left hand. Her leg went as far back as her head, and she didn't even care. She was happily pooping away.

We ended up cracking up with laughter. It was such a ridiculously silly situation. The poop did finally stop coming, and we did end up getting a diaper on her at last. Subsequent diaper changes haven't been nearly as eventful, except for the occasional diaper change that involves her peeing in the middle of the change and getting her onesie all wet. But that can't even compare to the projectile poop incident. I just hope that it doesn't happen again anytime soon!

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