September 18, 2008


When I was pregnant, I had all these ambitious babywearing plans. I got myself a Baby Trekker carrier, and pictured myself roaming around town with PK strapped to my chest. Alas, reality set in.

Although I'm sure the Baby Trekker is a great carrier, in my opinion, it is not suitable for a newborn. In fact, when I tried placing PK in it, she screamed like there was no tomorrow. I'm hoping that I can give it another try in a few weeks, when she's a bit bigger.

I still wanted to be able to carry PK easily around the house, so shortly after PK's birth, I sent the hubby on a mission to buy me a sling. Never in all of my pregnancy had I planned on buying a sling. That all changed after I saw how happy a friend's son was in her sling. I am a convert. Now, the one thing I find about the sling is that, while baby is perfectly happy in there, it gets to be quite rough on mommy's back. This is ESPECIALLY the case now that PK is bigger (and growing). As a result, I use my sling indoors only. Besides, I like being able to pile PK plus accessories into the stroller, my beloved Bugaboo Bee. It's light, has a great turn radius, folds up easily, and is compact. Totally worth the $600 we spent on it, thank you very much.
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