September 24, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Movies

Today a friend and I are checking out Strollers & Stars, a movie matinee specifically set up for moms and babies. The show started at 1pm EST. We went to see "Burn After Reading".

The plan was to meet at my friend's house at noon, and then we'd hang out and walk over to the theater. Well, unfortunately, I didn't make it out of the house until 12:15pm.

You see, just as I was ready to get out the door, PK started wailing. I thought that if I could get her into the stroller, she would quiet right down. I was wrong. She was hungry and she would not let up until she had some food. So right then and there in my front hall, I whipped out a boob, and fed her while standing and texting my friend to tell her I was running late.

After 30 minutes of feeding, I was finally ready to head out. Now, the thing about my hous is that it has LOTS of stairs, including stairs leading up to the front door. Therefore, in order to get PK ou the door, I must:

1. Put PK in her bouncy chair by the door.
2. Carry the stroller outside and down the front steps.
3. Carry PK out with me and lock the door.
4. Put PK in the stroller.

Unfortunately, today the condo gardener decided to water the front lawn using the sprinkler and the prinkler just so happened to wet my entire front walk. On top of that, the bushes surrounding my front walk are infested with wasps, so imagine how pleased I was by this pickle of a situation.

In the end though, we managed to be only 30 minutes late. The movie itself was okay-ish, but it was fun to just get out to see a movie.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why parents of infants are chronically late for things! You can start planning two hours ahead, but if the kid demands to be fed NOW you can't very well tell her to just wait a while. At least you might get more flexibility sooner because of the bottle-feeding - when she learns how to hold her own bottle, you won't have to stand in the hall for 30 minutes! LOL

I'm going to try harder to figure out the whole hands-free breastfeeding in a sling thing this time, I think. Ha! Wish me luck! I must say, though: breastfeeding and texting at the same time? Impressive!

Glad you got out!