September 9, 2008

Mat-Leave Ponderings

When I found out I was pregnant with PK, my original plan was to take a one-year mat-leave. It's the pretty standard thing to do, and I wasn't a huge fan of my job anyway, so a year off to collect myself sounded pretty good.

Then something happened - I was given a great opportunity at work and actually started liking my job! That of made me re-think this whole mat-leave thing. In the end, my "working plan" was to take 6 months of mat-leave and work 6 months part-time before returning to work full-time. It was, to me, a brilliant plan - the best of both worlds!

And then PK was born. Now, as I sit here looking at PK's sleeping face, I find myself re-thinking the whole thing. I'm not entirely surprised by my change of heart. I knew that no matter how much I prepared, I would never quite know what parenthood would be like until PK was born. And now that she's here, I wonder about how good a parent I'd be if just plopped her in a daycare at 6 months of age, even if it was part-time. Besides, wouldn't I be missing out on some key milestones? How guilty would I feel if I missed PK's first word or first step?

It's definitely worth re-thinking my mat-leave plans because of this. Fortunately, work is pretty flexible about this. My boss has two young daughters of his own and thought my original plan was nuts. If I decide to change my plans (most likely), I will most likely hear an "I told you so!" From him. As for what I plan on doing now...well, I'm now leaning towards 9 months of mat-leave and 3 months part-time. I guess I still have time to think it over. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
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1 comment:

Fawn said...

At least you're choosing between two happy places. :) I know plenty of people who completely dread returning to work.

6 months onward is the best!