September 8, 2008

Office Visit

A couple of weeks ago, I brought PK to the office to meet my co-workers. I was pretty excited to see my co-workers again, since I hadn't seen them for about 3 weeks. The hubby was still on vacation at the time, so he was able to come with me. My co-workers had never met him before, so I thought that it was a good opportunity for them to meet her. Overall, it was a very pleasant visit. It was great to see everyone again, and I was very excited to share PK's birth story with them. They were all very taken with PK, who was sound asleep the entire time. It's amazing how people can stare at new-borns for hours on end. :)

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Fawn said...

That's so much fun!

When Jade was 5 days old, we took her to visit some colleagues of Michael's. She, too, slept the whole time, but it didn't keep people from trying to cuddle her. (Argh! Stop touching!!) One woman said, "You'll have to bring her back when she's awake so that we can play with her!" And I thought, "Lady, she's 5 days old. She doesn't "play". What the hell do you want to do with her, anyway?!"

LOL - it still makes me laugh!