September 30, 2008

Post-Partum Recovery

My post-partum recovery wasn't nearly as nasty as I thought it would be, considering that I'd had an episiotomy. Granted, I was waddling for a good two weeks, and was scared to death of going to the washroom for a week. That being said, my stitches healed up very quickly, and I managed to start getting back into a workout routine about 2 weeks after PK was born.

Initially, my workout routine wasn't too aggressive. I did some cardio (I have a mini-step machine at home), and took PK out for the occasional walk. Now, nearly 8 weeks after PK's birth, I'm back into my groove. I can once again do 10 push-ups in a row (real push-ups, not the girlie kind), and I've started training for chin-ups on my hangboard again, so I'm totally energized. The tone is slowly returning to my back - yay! And since PK is bottle-feeding, it means that one of these days, the hubby and I will be able to venture out to the climbing gym. Can't wait!

Although I didn't gain too much weight from my pregnancy - 11kg, 8kg of which were lost immediately after PK popped out - I am still trying to lose what's left of my pregnancy pooch. Fortunately for me, my belly shrank quite nicely right after PK was born, especially due to the massive amounts of breast-feeding that I was doing initially - yay colostrum! That being said, my shrunken belly is still quite flabby. I had decent abs before I got pregnant (i.e. unflabby but by no means a 6-pack), so I'm trying to get back to that state. I have 4 great ways of toning abs: crunches, push-ups (you'd be surprised by how much ab-clenching you need to do), the balance ball (there are tons of routines to tone your abs), and the hangboard. Just try hanging off a hangboard for one minute, and not only will your forearms kill, your abs will kill too!

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Anonymous said...

You totally depress me. I mean IMpress me. IMpress. I don't think I can do even one REAL push-up. And hanging my entire weight on my hands? Yeah right. :P I vaguely recall my pre-two-digit years where I could get across the monkey bars by myself...