September 17, 2008

Six Weeks Old!

PK is 6 weeks old today! I cannot believe how much she has changed since she was born! Now that this feeding thing is under control, she seems to be gaining some weight, and is actually growing out of her newborn clothes. It's kind of sad to see, since she's got some really cute outfits. At the same time, she'll be growing into a whole new set of really cute outfits!

I've also noticed that her hair and eyes have lightened over the last little while. Her hair used to be a dark brown, and now it has turned into a light brown with a bit of a reddish tinge. Her eyes used to be a gray-ish color, and they're now turning into a gray-ish green. I'm hoping that they end up green like the hubby's eyes. My eyes are brown, which I don't find all that exciting.

PK has also spent a lot more time awake and alert, and is becoming more interactive. For instance, when she's done with feeding, she'll push away my boob or the bottle. She loves flailing her arms and spends quite a bit of time babbling in her crib, though if I leave her in for too long, she gets fussy and wants some love and affection. It's quite cute. She has also taken to falling asleep while being held and rocked, which is cute now, but I think we'll run into some issues if we get her too used to it. The other thing I've noticed is that she doesn't nap for as long as she used to. She could go for 3 hours of napping and not wake up with any noise. Now, she'll fall asleep in my arms, I'll put her in her crib or playpen, and she'll stay asleep for 20 minutes or so before she wakes up babbling, and then the babbling turns into crying. Kind of what she's doing now. Which means it's my cue for exit!

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