October 4, 2008

The Breast-Feeding Tour

Although PK does get fed quite a bit of formula through the course of a day, I do try to get her as much breast milk as I can. After all, it's good for her, and it requires a lot less prep time. To put it crudely, all I have to do is just whip 'em out and shove her mouth onto the nipple. Contrast that to bottle-feeding, which involves sterilizing bottles (I have a bunch of sterilized bottles on standby), mixing the formula (I have a bunch of bottles of pre-mixed formula sitting in the fridge), and heating up the bottle. Even with the first two steps taken care of for me, heating up the formula seems like an eternity (even with a bottle-warmer, which is a great purchase to make if you're bottle-feeding) when you've got a wailing infant who wants food NOW.

The point of all of this is that I breast-feed when I can, and even when I divide my time between breast-feeding and bottle-feeding, I still manage to find myself feeding in the strangest of places. Here's a list of places to date:

1. The hospital
2. My house
3. My parents' house
4. My in-laws' house
5. Queen's Park
6. Two different movie theaters
7. Two different friends' houses
8. An Indian restaurant

I think that the Indian restaurant takes the cake because I was out with two other mommy friends of mine for lunch that day, and we spent most of lunch feeding and changing our babies. I still look back on that day and chuckle.

I'm sure that I will be breast-feeding in many other weird places, and I will be sure to update this list in a few more weeks with the latest and greatest breast-feeding conquests!

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Anonymous said...

I've breast-fed in all sorts of places, too, but thank God I never had to resort to icky bathrooms. Whitehorse is a pretty BF-friendly place. I hope you find that Toronto is, too!