October 27, 2008

Eleven Weeks Old

PK turned 11 weeks old last Wednesday. With each passing day, she becomes more and more interactive. It also means that she naps less, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've really enjoyed playing with her these days. While I miss the fact that she's no longer teeny (though still dainty compared to other babies at this age), I love that she's reacting to things.

Last Wednesday, for example, when we took my mom to the airport, we brought PK along, and she was completely fascinated by it. Today we went to Ikea to buy a couple of wardrobes and again, she was totally taking in her surroundings. She's also very much into looking at the TV and at pictures on the wall. I'm not sure what's so fascinating about them - maybe the colors? I'd love to know what's running through that little mind of hers!

On a sadder note, I think that my breast-feeding days are numbered. PK has been constantly hungry for the past week or two, and I mean REALLY hungry. Since she sleeps for 8 hours at a time at night (hopefully this is not short-lived), she wakes up famished, so I often find myself feeding her non-stop in the morning. She takes a bit of a break in the afternoon since I usually go out with her and she tends to fall asleep in the stroller. Anyway, during this feeding frenzy, she is so hungry that she often refuses to take the breast. In fact, offering it to her seems to greatly offend her. I've been in situations where offering her the breast makes her scream even louder, and she only calms down once I switch to the bottle. Unfortunately, this means that less demand for boobie results in less production of breast milk.

I'm sure that the stresses of the past couple of weeks with the Thanksgiving fiasco and the death of my dear grandmother coupled with her sleeping for 8 hours straight at night haven't helped the situation either. In case you're wondering, her sleeping 8 hours straight means that instead of breast-feeding her at 5 or 6am like I usually did, I end up breast-feeding her at 9 or 10am instead, which throws off milk production. Anyway, I am trying to rectify this milk supply issue by pumping more often, but I think that the damage has been done. As for boobie rejection, she seems to be taking the breast again somewhat, but I can't keep her on for more than 5 minutes at a time. Phooey. C'est la vie, I guess. At any rate, I will keep pumping for as long as I can, but I think that I won't be lasting much past the 3 month mark.

Bath time these days continues to be one of the highlights of the day. PK really really enjoys her baths, especially after I started playing her some Sesame Street bathtime music. She really really enjoys listening to Rubber Duckie! The hubby and I each have our own rubber duckies and we're trying to find one for PK to call her own. Before she was born, we'd see them everywhere, and now it seems that we can't find them anywhere. Argh! Anyway, today I decided to lend PK my rubber duckie for bathtime until we can get her her own, and she totally loved it! She kept kicking at it. So freaking cute!

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