October 4, 2008

Establishing a Routine

One of the cool things about raising PK is that I get to teach her all sorts of things. Mind you, it took me a while to get into a routine with her. To be perfectly honest, what really helped me was when the hubby went back to work and when my parents went on vacation for a couple of weeks. Both of these things really forced me to spend some real quality time with PK. I have this tendency of handing her over to others (i.e. family) to look after her on days when I'm not flying solo. This was especially prevalent in the early days, when I was constantly surrounded by family. This of course made it very difficult for me to spend any quality time with PK, and it made me feel incredibly guilty for not doing so.

Now that PK is into her 9th week of life, however, I feel as if I finally have somewhat of a handle on things. (You never have a complete handle on things, do you?) We have an established routine. Here it is:

- Feed PK at 6am or 7am
- Hang out in bed for a while with PK while watching CBC News
- Nap after feeding/watching news or haul butt out of bed if there is no opportunity to nap
- Get dressed
- Change diaper
- Change PK out of her sleeper and into her daytime clothes
- Put PK onto her Baby Einstein matt and play with her by waving various creatures in front of her
- Put PK on her tummy (inevitably followed by wailing)
- Read PK a story. My current favorite books to read to her are Dr. Seuss (I have a collection of 13 stories), a childrens' book on Greek Mythology, and a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales book. PK often falls asleep during storytime
- Read Pat the Bunny to PK. Yes, this can probably be lumped in with the item above, but I think that Pat the Bunny deserves a line all on its own.
- Feed again as needed

- Make lunch for myself. Sometimes this is interrupted by PK's loud "Give me food NOW, woman!" cry.
- Feed PK at various times
- Go for nice long a walk out with the stroller and run any errands as n

- Feed PK (usually the hubby does this for me)
- Give PK her bath
- Read her a bed-time story while the hubby feeds her
- Tidy up the house while the hubby puts PK to bed
- Work out
- Pump breast milk and blog (now you know why I make these late-night posts!)

I have to admit that storytime my favorite thing to do with her these days. I like to read to her even when she's asleep because it is said that babies still absorb information. Today I started speaking to her a bit in French. I used to be much much better at it back in the day (I used to be in French public speaking competitions and actually won a couple). It's always hard to keep up with another language if you don't really get to practice it. At any rate, I started speaking to her a bit in French in the hopes of improving my French and teaching her the language. I also started putting on the CBC in French. Doing so gets her used to the sound of the language and hopefully teaches it to her. I would also like to teach her how to speak in Portuguese, but I only speak to my mom and my grandmothers in Portuguese. I'm leaving that part to my mom.

Well, speaking of routines, my pumping is almost done, which is a good thing, because I'm totally dozing off as I write this post.

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