October 9, 2008

Gaga Over Baby Accessories

I think I have a thing for baby accessories. I definitely have a thing for diaper bags. There are so many different stylish ones out there that they are as addictive as purses. One that caught my attention in particular is the Diaper Dude, a line of diaper bags aimed mostly at guys (though they have ones for the ladies too). These things look sooooo freaking awesome. I totally want this one (and I like my diaper bag).

Speaking of accessories, I am totally decked out in Bugaboo accessories. We currently have the baby cocoon, the foot muff, the cup holder, and the sunshade. I think accessories alone amount to over $200. I know it's pricey, but the accessories are totally worth it - seriously. The baby cocoon keeps PK nice and snug, and can be used with or without the top. Now that the weather is cold, I put on the top and don't need to wrap her in a blanket. The foot muff is a big version of the baby cocoon. The cup holder is great for when I buy bubble tea (I loooooooooove bubble tea) or some other drink (anything but coffee). The sunshade not only blocks out those pesky UV rays, it also doubles as a mosquito net. Very handy-dandy given the fact that I've got wasps living in the bushes near my front steps. Bleh.

My latest baby accessory is a version of the baby nest for the car seat. It basically looks like a car seat sleeping bag. Totally awesome purchase given that the temperature has cooled down in the past few weeks.

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