October 16, 2008

The gDiaper

Now that PK is a bit bigger, we've decided that it was time for us to try out the gDiaper on her. In a nutshell, the gDiaper, is a cross between a disposable diaper and a cloth diaper. It has a cloth outer shell with a plastic inner liner which houses a flushable insert (the "diaper"). Technically, you could even use a cloth diaper in there. The nice thing about the gDiaper is that the flushable insert is planet-friendly - i.e. biodegradable and free of the nasty chemicals that you'd find in most disposable diapers.

I have to admit that the gDiaper is a bit more complicated to deal with than regular disposables, especially if you opt to flush the diaper insert. The entire insert isn't flushable. Rather, you need to tear it open and pull out the inside, toss it in the toilet, and use a little swish stick which comes with the gDiaper starter kit to break apart the diaper bits. The flushable part kind of looks like cotton balls, with the difference being that you can't flush a cotton ball down the toilet. After a few days of flushing the insert down the toilet, we've decided to just throw the damn think out. Since it's biodegradable, it won't matter if we flush it down the toilet or dump it in the trash. It will break down anyway. Besides, the toilet in PK's room is a bit finicky and I'm pretty sure that we'd end up clogging it up sooner or later, and I refuse to clean and/or unclog toilets. I delegate (force) that task upon the hubby.

Overall, I'd say that I'm pretty happy with the gDiaper. It definitely generates less waste than a regular disposable, and it's nice to know that since it's chemical-free, it's good for both PK and the environment. Now that we've had a bit of a taste of what cloth diapers are like, we might just take this one step further and go with ComfyCotton, a cloth diaper service available in the GTA. Many of the girls in my mommy use the ComfyCotton diaper service and use the gDiaper shell and liner, and insert the cloth diaper inside the liner in lieu of the disposable insert. Brilliant!

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