October 3, 2008

More Movie Time

I made it out to the movies on Thursday. Like last week, this matinée was aimed at moms and babies, though unlike last time, this was done through Movies for Mommies, not through Stars and Strollers. I think I prefer Movies for Mommies over Stars and Strollers. For one thing, it's cheaper. I paid $8.50 today, compared to $12.50 last week. Also, they had a change table set up, complete with diapers and baby wipes. Maybe Stars and Strollers had the same thing and I just didn't notice it last time since I came in 30 minutes late. The other nice thing about Movies for Mommies is that they have tons of freebies, including snacks for mom and baby, and if you get a membership, your 7th movie is free. Pretty cool.

The theater I went to this week was at Market Square, near the St. Lawrence Market. I've lived in Toronto for 11 years, and I never even knew that this theater existed. I guess there's a first time for everything, eh? While Stars and Strollers lets you pick between two movies, Movies for Mommies does not - there's only one movie and that's it. It's no biggie, really. I think the whole point of this program is to allow moms to get out and watch a movie, and most moms probably don't even care what movie they're watching. This week's feature was Nights in Rodanthe. It was a TOTAL chick flick and is definitely something that the hubby would NEVER EVER watch out of his own free will. Maybe if he were drunk... At any rate, the movie wasn't bad.

I went to see the movie with yet another friend that I met through Baby & Me Fitness. The funny thing is that I'd lost touch with her after I gave birth to PK, having never gotten her contact info before I stopped taking the classes. As luck would have it, I ran into her last week when I went to see Burn After Reading with yet another friend from Baby & Me. Ironically, I'd also lost touch with her and ended up re-connecting after running into her in the street. Too weird, eh?

Anyway, I digress. Compared to last week, PK and I actually made it to the movie on time. And by on time, I mean that we got there just as the movie started (we'd missed the previews). Now, PK hadn't pooped for a little over 24 hours and had been trying to get a poop out all morning. I was really hoping that she'd get it out before we left for the theater, but that's not what she had in mind. Nope. She waited for me to sit down in my seat to let go a big wet fart. At first I thought it was just a fart, but the smell lingered on, so off I went to change her. Thank goodness they had the table set up outside the theater for changing babies. That's just so much easier than having to change her in a public washroom. Ugh!

She was pretty calm while I changed her. These days, she kicks around like mad whenever I change her, which makes it VERY difficult to change a poopy diaper. No kicking this time around, so changing her was a breeze. Once she was nice and clean, I put her in her sling (I took her stroller but I keep her sling handy just in case!) and headed back into the theater. She sat for maybe 5 minutes before she started wailing, wanting some food. So I breast-fed her. She was REALLY squirmy during the entire she fed, and I really really hope that she's not rejecting the breast. I'm a little suspicious because now, every time I try to breast-feed her, she ends up fidgety, like she's trying to fart. In spite of her fussiness, she still managed to tap me out, so when she kept crying for more food, I decided to give her some formula. She took about half of the formula before deciding that she was full, and ended up falling asleep on my shoulder while I tried to burp her. Miss Cranky Pants had finally tired out!

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