October 9, 2008

Nine Weeks Old

PK turned 9 weeks on Wednesday, and I just can't believe a) how much she has grown and b) how much more interactive she is. I can't remember if I'd mentioned this before, but she has started making these gurgling sound over the past week. It's funny to watch because her lips don't move while she makes these sounds - it's almost as if she were a ventriloquist. It totally cracks me up! The gurgling is usually accompanied by a great big smile and some major arm and leg flailing. Actually, it's more of a kicking motion with her legs - as if she were crawling on her back. Her left leg in particular kicks quite a bit. The hubby and I refer to this kicking motion as "ho-down legs". I get such a kick out of the whole thing (no pun intended, seriously!) - it makes me smile just thinking about it.

Yesterday we were playing this game where I'd prop her on a pillow on our leather couch, her legs against mine. She'd use her legs to push off against my body, thereby moving her away from me. She always got such a kick every time she moved away from me - she had this "look what I can do" look of mischief on her face. It was great. Every time she'd push away, I would subsequently bring her in closer. I could've gone on for hours. Unfortunately she had a big giant poop, so we had to stop playing.

Though she doesn't have a whole lot of control over her hands, she's definitely starting to grasp on to things. I notice it especially when I feed, be it breast-feeding or bottle feeding. She'll tend to grab on to my shirt while she feeds, happy as can be. It's really cute.

Oh, heck, everything she does is really cute! I can't wait to see what new things she'll get to experience next week!

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