October 10, 2008

Office Visit Part 2

On Thursday PK and I met up with my co-workers for lunch. Given how cranky PK has been lately (a direct result of having her shots on Monday), I'm really surprised that we actually arrived on time. I'm especially surprised since the place where we had lunch (a restaurant in the building where I work) was a little difficult to access because of the stroller. First off, I had to get off one subway stop earlier than I normally would since my normal stop isn't stroller-friendly (no elevators). Also, the restaurant was located at the back of the building, and for some retarded reason, you need to go down a set of stairs to get in the back entrance of the building. The front of the building is a little more accessible and does not require going down any stairs. Since the building is rather large, this little detour ended up being an extra block.

In spite of these little hardships, we actually arrived before everyone else. Once my co-workers arrived, I became invisible and PK became the center of attention. I don't mind, since she is pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself. My only beef is that everyone kept touching her hands. I HATE it when people touch PK's hands because you never know what germs people are carrying, and PK always puts her hands in her mouth. Of course, you might be wondering why I don't just tell people politely to not touch her hands. I suppose I could do that, but the truth of the matter is that I'm a pussy. I can't do it. I don't want to offend anybody, so I just say nothing. I wish I had the guts to say something, because I really hate it. I hate it more than when people used to rub my belly when I was pregnant - and I really really really HATED the belly-rubbing.

PK was pretty fussy through lunch, so I had to take her out of her stroller, and wound up holding her in my lap the entire time. You can imagine how much this hurt my back, given that little missy weighs in at just under 10lbs. In hindsight, I should've put her in my sling. It would've still hurt my back, but at least I would be a bit more hands-free. Since I was holding PK the entire time at lunch, I wound up having to hold her while eating. This is why I chose I dish that could be easily eaten one-handed: pasta! Unfortunately, I'm left-handed and was already occupying my left hand with PK, I had to eat right-handed. All things considered, I didn't do too badly.

Lunch lasted about 2 hours. It was great catching up with my co-workers. I even met the guy who replaced me. He was an outside hire, which means that when I return from leave, there will be two senior devs in the team. I am told that there's room for both of us. I really hope so. At any rate, it was nice of him to show up to lunch; after all, he doesn't even know me. I'm told that he's doing a pretty good job in my absence, which is nice to hear. It is also nice to hear that I am sorely missed, especially when it comes from the mouths of the big cheeses themselves. Ah, what a lovely ego boost!

After lunch, I had arranged to meet the hubby at his office, since he was working downtown that day. The meet-up was a bit spur-of-the-moment. I only thought of it en route to lunch and frankly, I thought that the hubby might tell me to buzz off, and that he needed to get work done. I would've been okay with that. After all, it was very spur-of-the-moment. At any rate, he was more than happy to have me drop by with PK. Honestly, I think it made his day. When PK and I got to his office, he pulled her out of the stroller and carried her around the office. It was very very cute. PK was more well-behaved around the hubby's co-workers than she was around my co-workers, though she started to get fussy towards the end. I hadn't changed her diaper since 11am, so I imagine that she was none too pleased about it. She also hadn't really fed very well since 10:30am. I did offer her a bottle when we were at the restaurant, but she took maybe one-third of it. Too bad since it was one of those pre-mixed, just-add-a-nipple bottles, which tend to be more expensive than the super-concentrated and powder formulas.

The subway ride home was uneventful, thank goodness. I think that the subway itself managed to keep her calm until we reached our destination. We we got home, however, all hell broke loose.

I put PK in her bouncy chair when I got home since I still had to carry the stroller up the stairs to our front entrance. I tried to tidy up a bit once I got everything inside the house. Unfortunately, PK had an agenda of her own. I was about to get her off her bouncy chair when all of a sudden, I hear what the hubby and I dubbed the "cosmic fart". The cosmic fart is basically a big wet pooh. I didn't want to wait for PK to get all finicky because of the poop, so I opted to change her ASAP.

Changing her proved to be an adventure. First off, the poop was really stinky. Secondly, little missy was a bit fidgety and kept flailing her legs and feet the entire time I was changing her. Needless to say, she got poop all over her feet. After I finally managed to clean her off, she decided that it was time to pee on the change table. Oh, how lucky for me.

I don't know how, but I did somehow manage to clean up that mess - three diapers and several (10-ish) baby wipes later. Also, in spite of the fact that it was a giant, disgusting, runny, smelly poop, I was thrilled that she pooped. These days, since we supplement with formula, the poops tend to be a bit more infrequent (and smellier).

All in all, it was a good day, in spite of the poopy surprise. I'm hoping to be able to take PK to the office again in a couple of months. Hopefully she'll be less finicky next time.

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