October 27, 2008

One More Day

You were taken from me just far too soon
Could I have just one more morning,
One more afternoon?

If I had just one more day with you,
What would I say?
What would I do?

I would make you crêpes!
I'd bake you a cake!
I would make you anything your tummy could take!

We'd take a walk and you'd tell me all
About your life
As you grew up tall.

I'd tell you about my hopes and dreams,
About my adventures,
About all my schemes.

We'd watch TV,
We'd sing some songs
Until our vocal cords were gone!

And at the end of our lovely day,
You'd get a hug and great big kiss,
And I'd tell you how you would be missed.

As we said goodbye
I would be so sad,
Yet forever grateful for the day we'd had.

You were always there for me,
Through thick and thin,

I'll miss you dearly,
For I love you lots
But our special day will be forever in my thoughts.

Dedicated in loving memory of my grandmother, Vovó Vera.
(c) 2008, IndyComp0T1

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