October 9, 2008

Packaging WTF

What exactly is the deal with packaging for children's products? For example, my in-laws bought PK a bath towel that was all nicely folded up, and when I went to wash it for the first time, you can imagine my surprise when I was greeted by TONS of those annoying plastic thingies like the ones used to attach price tags to clothes. (What the heck are those things called???) I absolutely hate those things to begin with, because when you rip off the tag, you're always left hunting around for the other end of the plastic thingie. Now, a little piece like is not something you'd want your kid swallowing. It's a choking hazard, for one thing. So why is it that manufacturers think that they're so smart by putting DOZENS of these stupid things just to neatly fold a stupid bath towel??? It makes no sense, and I'm surprised that nobody in the US has bothered suing over this.

The other thing that bugs me is the amount of packaging found in children's toys. My sister-in-law gave PK this caterpillar toy that had tape and twist-ties up the wazzoo. Not only that, it was impossible-to-remove tape and twist-ties up the wazzoo. Again, WTF is up with that? What kind of moron thought that it would be such a brilliant idea to do this? I'm SURE that there are better ways to package such products. The manufacturer might as well plaster a sign all over the product that says, "We want to try to kill your child!"

I really see no need for so many twist-ties and price tag holder thingies or whatever other moronic packaging that manufacturers seem to come up with for children's products. Not to mention the fact that all of this useless packaging ends up in our landfills, taking eons to decompose since most of it is plastic anyway. Whatever happened to less is more? As morbid as it sounds, it will take some poor kid getting hurt (or worse, heaven forbid) to maybe talk some sense into these idiots. Oy...

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