October 2, 2008


One of the great things about taking the pre-natal exercise classes through Baby & Me Fitness is that I got to meet other moms-to-be, with whom I have stayed in touch post-partum. After having their babies, a few girls from my classes decided to meet up on a regular basis, and started a group on Facebook to organize the weekly meetings. The meetings range anywhere from getting together at someone's house to going out to a park. This week, I volunteered to host. There are 14 gals in total in the group, but only 4 girls showed up this week, which is fine by me. I have always preferred small groups anyway - better conversation and easier to handle.

We met after lunch, so I provided a bunch of snacks - coffee cake, Triscuits, rice cakes, and juice. I swear it felt as if I'd been eating all day, and I'm not even a snacker. Overall it was a very pleasant afternoon, albeit a bit tiring. Just try tidying up and hosting a small group of people while trying to cater to the needs of a crying baby and you'll see what I mean! :) One of the great things about the afternoon was that we got to trade war stories, hear birth stories, and hear about how everyone's baby is developing. PK was the second-youngest baby there. The youngest was a little girl named River, who is 6 weeks old. I believe that the oldest baby was a 4-month-old little girl named Presley, named after The King. What a cool name, eh? The next-oldest were Alejandro and Ben, who were both 3.5 months old. I got a real kick out of watching the older babies, as this was a preview of things to come.

The afternoon in a nutshell went as follows:
- Eat
- Change diapers
- Feed
- Change diapers
- Feed
- Eat
- Etc...

We had one baby spit up on our *lovely* (!) Ikea area rug in the living room, but it's no biggie. PK spits up more than I care to think about. What can you do? It comes with the territory!

We ended off the afternoon with a group shot of all 5 babies sitting on the couch. I crack up every time I look at the picture, because the younger babies are all slouched over and look like little drunks.

Next week the group plans on going to the ROM, and it looks like a Halloween party is also in the works. Hopefully I can make it to both of these events!


Oh Baby! said...

thanks for having us! looking forward to the next week. great blog btw! s)

IndyComp0T1 said...

Oh, it was my pleasure! I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves! :)