October 15, 2008

Ten Weeks Old

PK turned 10 weeks old on Wednesday. I can't believe how much she has developed in the last week. Do I say this every week? If I do, it's because I am just in awe!

The biggest changes I've noticed are the following:

1. Smiling
I've probably said this before, but I'll say it again. PK is smiling A LOT. Sure, she still gets those gassy smiles too, but I'm talking about genuine smiles here! These smiles are usually accompanied by a gurgly giggle. It just makes my heart melt! This week she has added some new gurgly sounds to her repertoire.

2. Swatting
PK has been swatting me quite a bit when I breast-feed, but she has put her swatting to good use now on her bouncy chair, which has a couple of rattle toys hanging off of it that she likes to swat. She had started swatting them inadvertently maybe a week or two ago, but this week I think she has discovered that she has the power to swat these toys. It's great because she's definitely entertained while she does it. Of course, she gets annoyed after a while and starts to cry.

3. Neck Control
Her neck is getting stronger, thanks in part to tummy time, and also thanks to our lovely burping sessions. She usually doesn't like being burped (which means that she needs to be burped), so she tends to straighten her entire body - including her neck - in protest when I sling her over my shoulder.

4. Bath Time
At last PK doesn't hate bath time anymore! PK started digging bath time a little more after we moved away from the sponge bath. At that point, she'd sit in the tub filled with water and not cry, but she'd make faces at us which I interpret as the "Just because I'm not wailing doesn't mean that I'm not mad at you for putting me in this tub" face. Nowadays, she genuinely enjoys her bath. She's even started splashing the water with her feet. The only thing that she didn't like about bath time was having her hair washed, but I think that we may have finally gotten past this hurdle by modifying how we wash her hair. Before we used to swaddle her (with arms free since she hated having her arms inside the swaddle) and the hubby would hold her over the bathtub while I would wash her hair.

5. Burping
Burping PK is still an ordeal (see point #3 above), but these days, I find that when she does burp, they're these great big belches! On Saturday, PK was wailing while I was trying to burp her, and then in the middle of the wail, she lets out this great big belch and continues wailing, without missing a beat.

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