October 6, 2008

Two Months Old

PK turned 2 months old today, and what better way to "celebrate" (if you can call it that) than to take her to the pediatrician to get her first set of shots!

Now, if you ask me what shots she got today, I couldn't tell you exactly. I know that she got her DPT (diptheria, tetanus, pertussis) shot, and some meningitis shot as well, along with some other stuff. This basically amounted to two needles, one on each thigh. Both shots are covered by OHIP. I also elected to give her the vaccine against the Rotavirus, which protects her against certain some common causes of diarrhea. The Rotavirus vaccine is not covered by OHIP, so I had to pay out-of-pocket for it. It is also an optional vaccine. This vaccine would normally be covered by my health insurance, except that I kind of forgot to update my insurance information to include PK as a beneficiary. I ended up having to pay $72 for the vaccine. I really need to get around to updating my health insurance policy at work.

My doctor's appointment was for 1pm today, but the doctor was running late (as usual) and so we weren't seen until around 3pm. If it weren't for the fact that my pediatrician is freaking awesome, I would've definitely been pissed off. Especially since I dragged my mom and my sister along with me today for moral support (the hubby wasn't able to make it).

When the doctor finally came in to see us, she did the usual - checked PK's heart rate, weighed her, and measured her length. As it stands right now, PK weighs in at 4.360kg, or just under 10lb. Her current length is 58cm, which still puts her on the long side. According to the doctor, her weight gain still continues to be good, so no need to worry. Hurray! :) Oddly enough, there were no pees or poops while she was being weighed. She DID need to be breast-fed in the waiting room though, and that was an adventure in itself. First, she was fussy at the breast because she was gassy. Secondly, when I went to burp her, I bonked her head on the wall behind me. I felt like SUCH an idiot for having done that, especially with all the other moms watching. Oy!

At any rate, back to the shots. I was okay all day about PK getting her shots, but as the doctor went to get the vaccines, I found myself on the verge of tears. After all, I knew that she would be in a LOT of pain, and what mother likes to see their child in pain? To prepare for the shots, I told her what was going to happen, I gave her her pacifier, and put on her onesie so she wouldn't be too cold while getting her shots (one vaccine on each thigh).

The first vaccine went okay. She cried a bit, but it didn't bother her too much. When she got her second vaccine, however, all hell broke loose. Her little face went all red, and she just wailed and wailed. Oddly enough, it wasn't her most blood-curdling cry. I held her, and hugged her, and swayed her, telling her that everything would be okay. She didn't calm down until the doctor gave her the Rotavirus vaccine, which is an oral vaccine. Although PK can't have cried for more than 1 minute, it felt like an eternity. I'm just glad that she calmed down enough to be able to ride the subway without fussing too much.

It was a whole other ballgame when she got home. She was already a bit hungry because the breast-feeding I did at the doctor's office didn't give her quite as much milky goodness as she'd wanted. I didn't feed her quite yet because she just sat there in her playpen, making gurgling sounds. I sat with her for a bit and repeated the sounds to her. She even smiled a bit for me! After playing with her for a bit, my sister helped out with bath time, though she was a tad cranky because we put her on her tummy before her bath. It was rather dumb on my part, because she was already hungry, and doing tummy time before her bath only made her crankier, especially when I washed her hair. Fortunately, she calmed down during the bath itself, but started wailing as soon as I took her out of the water.

I managed to get a bottle together to feed her, and she took most of the bottle. Unfortunately, I think she was still experiencing some discomfort from the needles, so the feed took a bit longer than usual. We did eventually manage to calm her down and put her to sleep in her Grobag at around 8pm, and she has been asleep ever since. It is now almost midnight. I hope that she doesn't have a fussy night, because last night was pretty rough and I already feel like a zombie.

All in all, it was a productive PK day. Her next appointment with the pediatrician will be at the 3-month mark for a weigh-in.

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