October 5, 2008

Unconditional Love

It's funny how life turns upside-down with the birth of one's child, but I wouldn't change a darn thing. I feel privileged to have had a hand in creating her. I love the fact that the hubby and I will teach her the ways of the world. I love the way she follows me as I walk out the room, and I love the way she cuddles up to me when she's done breast-feeding. I love her smile. I love her babbling. I love the pouty face that she makes when she's upset. There was a time when I questioned how it was I could just love someone so unconditionally, and now I know. You just do. It didn't come to me immediately, but it did eventually materialize, and it's SUCH a cool feeling.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post -- I'm so happy for you!