November 24, 2008

Date Night

On Friday, the hubby and I went on a date! In the original plan, we were supposed to go out with friends to see the new James Bond flick on Saturday. Unfortunately, our tried and true babysitters (i.e. the hubby's parents) already had plans for Saturday, so we had to make slight modifications to our plans. Grandparents with a social life...what gives? ;-) Anyway, we were unfortunately unable to get our friends to change their plans, so we just ended up going with my sis and her hubby. The two of them were originally going with everyone else on Saturday but ditched them to hang with us - how nice!

Though we weren't out for very long, we did manage to have a nice time. I got PK bathed and ready for bed before we left, and my mother-in-law fed her and put her to bed while we were out. Fortunately PK is onto a pretty good nighttime routine right now (knock on wood that it continues that way), so babysitting her is a pretty easy task.

We were a little pressed for time since we were catching the 7:20pm show and we left the house at 6pm, so the hubby and I wound up having a *lovely* gourmet dinner at Tim Horton's before meeting up with my sis and her hubby. I can't complain. A few hours away from the little munchkin was a welcome break. As much as I love her, we sometimes get so wrapped up with being mommy and daddy that we forget what it's like to be husband and wife. It's great to be reminded of that every once in a while.

PS: The movie was fun too, though personally I found Casino Royale to be better. Still, I would definitely recommend it, if only to see Daniel Craig's fab bod for those few fleeting shirtless moments! ;-)

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