November 20, 2008


Today PK discovered her feet during bathtime. It was really cool to witness this discovery. She was sitting in her bath chair after we washed her, when raised her legs a bit, bending her knees to bring her feer closer in. That's when she caught sight of her feet. She kept her feet out of the water and just stared at them. Then she put them into the water. I think that that's when she realized that they belonged to her! At one point she managed to grab onto her left foot, though she let go pretty quickly.

The hubby and I stared in awe, though we did manage to get some video footage of this discovery as it transpired. Just before her bath ended, we put some of her bath toys near her feet to see what she would do. Sure enough, she tried to sink them with her feet!

I just cannot believe how quickly PK has developed over the past few weeks. It seems that every day brings with it a new discovery with it. I feel privileged to be able to witness this tiny person learn more about herself with each passing day. What a wild ride! And we're just getting started!
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