November 27, 2008

I've Got Da Blues

I have been EXTREMELY bummed out since Monday. Oddly enough, Monday was a great day for me. I was down at the office at lunchtime while my mom watched over PK, since my boss wanted to meet with me. I found out that I get a kick-ass bonus this year, and that I got an award of excellence at the company. Totally awesome news considering that I had been working there for just under one year before I went on mat-leave.

I think that this state of bumminess has a lot to do with the weather these days. Monday was a very gray day. If it had at least rained or snowed that day, it would have made the grayishness a bit more bearable. Instead, it was gray and precipitation-free. Tuesday was like that, though we had some wet snow on Wednesday. It was cold, but not cold enough for the snow to accumulate, so again, very depressing weather. I think I want a good, dramatic snow storm to accompany these cloud-less days. I think that another reason behind my feeling blue has to do with the time when the sun goes down. Sunset these days is at around 4:45pm. PK keeps me running around so much that some days I can't get her out of the house for a walk until 4pm, which means it's already starting to get dark by then. When it starts getting dark that early, I am less inclined to go out, since 5:30pm feels like 9pm.

The weather is also making me feel very very drowsy. I find it really hard to get up in the morning, and I find myself wanting to nap in the middle of the day. All this in spite of the fact that I've been getting a pretty good night's sleep lately.

I'm just glad that winter is finite (at least for now, cuz you know...this climate change thing may change things) and that I've usually got plans on most days, to keep me from going nuts.

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