November 11, 2008

My Dainty Baby

There's no doubt that PK is a dainty baby. Although she is now gaining weight at a good rate, she is by no means one of those chubby babies. Her cheeks are a bit chubby, but she doesn't have the Michelin Man look with the big fat arms and legs with the folds on them. When I compare her to babies just a couple of weeks younger than her, she ends up looking like she's the younger baby. The only thing that gives away her age is her length and her face - she definitely doesn't have that newborn look anymore.

I guess PK is just a dainty little baby. I used to think that her daintiness was due to the fact that I didn't breastfeed her all that much. It looked to me that the breastfed babies were quite big and heavy. Then I thought of a friend of mine who had to formula feed her son, and how her son is HUGE. There went that theory. So PK is dainty, and that's okay, cuz it makes her look extra freaking cute!

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