November 26, 2008

Three Months Old!

Given that PK will be 4 months old on December 6th, this post is just a tad late. I've finally decided to sit down tonight and write this post already, before I forget all about PK's third month. Unfortunately, since so much has happened on the development front lately, I'm afraid that it lacks the proper gusto.

I have to say that the weeks leading up to PK's 3-month b-day were pretty eventful. She went from unexciting blob to super-duper-interactive baby! It started with swatting. One day I put her on her bouncy chair, and she suddenly started swatting at the toys hanging from the chair. Since this whole swatting thing was fairly new to her, it was very random at first. As she got better at it, she was able to swat with more purpose. I think that the swatting started 1-2 weeks or so before she turned 3 months old.

After the swatting came the grasping. By that point, her swatting was under control, and she suddenly came to the realization that she could grasp onto things. This started happening at around the 3-month mark. As with the swatting, the grasping was quite random. Her hands were like little pieces of Velcro; as she moved them about at random, they would suddenly grasp at things. I referred to this affectionately as "the claw". Soon, the random hand grasps became less random, as she officially discovered her hands. Unfortunately, I can't quite say exactly when she officially discovered her hands, but if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say maybe 1-2 weeks after the 3-month mark. The discovery of her hands means that now she grasps at things with purpose. When there's something beside her that she wants, she'll grab it. I've also noticed that she loves examining her hands with her hands. That is, she'll bring her hands together, rubbing them against each other, and staring at them.

The grasping of objects seemed to also have been accompanied by the licking of objects. It started out very infrequently, about 2-3 weeks ago. She was playing with a crinkle bear (who we affectionately call Funky Bear). Funky Bear has a flat, fuzzy head, a big blobby, flat, crinkly body with different colors and patterns on it, squeaky feat with rings attached to the ends of the feet, and big flat rubbery hands that have different textures. The first time I noticed PK licking Funky Bear, she had taken to licking his hands. Nothing says "yummy" like rubbery hands! After the initial licking of Funky Bear (yes, this probably sounds soooooooo wrong), she went for about a week or so where she didn't lick anything else. Then, it started up again, and now it happens pretty frequently. She's not that huge a fan of licking objects, though she'll lick her favorite stuffed animal, Bear-Pig (named in honor South Park's ManBearPig), and she totally LOVES licking her hands, especially her index finger and her middle finger on her right hand. This week, I put my hand up against her face and she grabbed it and started licking it. As an aside, the funny thing about her 2-finger-licking (this could SO be taken the wrong way) is that I used to suck on those same 2 fingers as a kid. Funny how certain things are hard-wired in our genes, isn't it?

Now, I did mention above that Bear-Pig is her favorite stuffed animal. That's because a) he's small and light enough for her to grasp, and b) he's nice and soft. PK discovered softness around October 12th. She was sitting in her Bumbo chair one evening, and the hubby pulled out Bear-Pig and held him in front of her. She was quite intrigued by Bear-Pig, so she extended her left hand to grab him. That's when she discovered softness and started petting Bear-Pig's fur. We managed to get her to pet him with her left hand, and then her right. She was so intrigued by this sensation, and so entertained by it. I think I could've watched her pet Bear-Pig for hours and not get bored.

On the medical side of things, we did go to the pediatrician for PK's 3-month check-up. Technically, PK didn't need a 3-month checkup, but the doctor thought it might be good just to see how she was doing. I guess after the 2-month mark, babies are seen at 4, 6, 9, and 12 months. At any rate, she had her 3-month checkup, and it went really well. As of October 14, PK weighed in at 5kg (~11 lbs), and was 60cm long. According to the doctor, that puts her at the 75th percentile for length, and 25th percentile for weight. That by no means makes her under-weight - just dainty. :)

The 3-month mark was certainly very eventful for PK, and in just a week or so, she'll be turning 4 months old. I have no idea where the time has gone, but I need to make sure that I savor every minute of it.

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