November 1, 2008

Twelve Weeks Old

This has been a relatively uneventful development week in PK Land. She has definitely been getting bigger, though compared to some babies just a few weeks younger, she still manages to be smaller. She's still gaining a good amount of weight given her age, so I'm not worried. I like to think that PK is just dainty. :)

The toy-swatting continues, and that continues to be a huge source of amusement for me. She's doing a lot of hand sucking, though not necessarily because she wants to eat. The other day I put her in her bouncy chair when when got home from a walk. She was sitting there in her jacket and mittens and I went to wash my hands, and when I came back, she was licking her mittened hands. Way too funny!

Her appetite is still pretty big, and she continues to sleep for 8-hour stretches, so I hope I'm not being too premature in saying that it's going to stay that way. Of course, now I just jinxed the whole thing!

Getting PK to bed these days seems to be less challenging than usual these days. The nighttime routine is pretty down pat. We bathe her in the evening, change her into her sleepers, and put her into her GroBag. By then she's pretty much ready to go to bed. Sometimes we need to give her a bottle to knock her out, but other times, it's just a matter of reading her a few stories until she gets drowsy enough so that we can put her in her crib. One thing we know for sure is that reading her Goodnight Moon just before putting her down is the ultimate magic knock-out book. We've read it to her a few times before, but we've never tried reading it as the last story of the night. Well, now we know better!

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