December 15, 2008

Boy or Girl

I often get asked by people who don't know me if PK is a boy or a girl. This question annoys me, because to me it's obvious. At the same time, I don't blame them. I sometimes have trouble telling the difference with babies. They all friggin' look alike if they're not your own!

Of course, I confuse the matter further because of some of the clothes that I dress PK in. There are some REALLY cute baby boy clothes out there and I don't think that I should refrain from buying these clothes just because PK is a girl! For example, I bought PK a really nice blue toque and matching jacket from Baby Gap. One time, I was looking for a pair of jeans for PK and the girl jeans had these dumb embroidered pink flowers on them. This would've made it harder to come up with different outfits, so I bought her the boy jeans. They were just plain old jeans with no dumb-ass flowers on them. Who would be able to tell the difference anyway? Baby girl and baby boy bodies are more or less the same at this stage - apart from the obvious parts "under the hood", that is.

So yeah, I've gotten a few "Oh, he's so cute!" comments where I had to promptly correct the speaker. One woman actually got mad at me and said I shouldn't dress her in boy colors so that I didn't confuse people. I knew that she said this to hide her obvious embarrassment, but the comment still pissed me off. To hell with gender stereotypes! That being said, I would not go out of my way to dress a baby boy in pink. That might give the boy a complex and you'd probably end up with a kid like Celine Dion's son, who clearly thinks he's a girl because his mother makes him practically dress like one. Okay, so I guess there's a bit of a double-standard.
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Anonymous said...

It really is hard to tell whether babies are boys or girls, which is why I never let the question bother me. :) I think it's polite that they ask rather than make the assumption if they can't tell. I also never bothered to correct anyone if they got it wrong -- it doesn't hurt anyone. But hey, that's me.

I loved the girly-girl clothes, flowers and all, but we had our share of neutral stuff, too. Blue certainly isn't exclusive for boys -- *I* wear blue, after all!

As for dressing a boy in pink, I wouldn't do it, either, but not because it would give him a complex (because he certainly won't remember at this age!) but just because I'd feel uncomfortable with it, with my gender stereotypes ingrained! Besides, then everyone would KNOW your boy was a girl - LOL