December 19, 2008


PK has gotten so incredibly chatty over the last week. I'd say that since last Thursday or so, her language development has suddenly shot up out of nowhere. Granted, she was making a few little gurgly sounds when she was between 2.5 and 3 months. She would even squeal a bit at around 3 or 3.5 months. After a while though, I didn't see any huge developments.

And then, last week happened. That's when she discovered that she could shape her mouth to make new sounds. Since then, she has been a real chatterbox. The sounds coming out of her little mouth are just amazing! I try to record them whenever I can, but whenever I try to record her with my BlackBerry or with the video camera, she stops chatting. I guess she's fascinated by the devices and just stares at them.

Yesterday was her chattiest day ever. The high point of the day was when she let out some babble that I swear was on the verge of being actual words! The hubby and I stopped in our tracks when we heard her. He even repeated her chattery babble back to her and she said it back to him. By the time we got the video camera out, however, the moment had passed.

This is only the beginning of her language development, and I am totally psyched to see where it goes next!
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