December 12, 2008

Four-Month Check-up

PK had her 4-month check-up today. The doctor seemed to be pretty pleased with her progress. Although PK still totally prefers her left side over her right, the pediatrician didn't seem to be too concerned over this, since the hubby and I have been aggressively working on developing PK's right side skills. Fortunately, the doctor didn't notice a crick in PK's neck that warranted physiotherapy. Whew!

In the weight department, PK is now up to 5.6kg (12.3lbs) and measures 63cm long. Her weight continues to be in the 25th percentile while her height continues to be in the 75th percentile.

Now, since this WAS the 4-month check-up, it mean that PK was due for her next set of shots. This meant one needle jab to each leg, followed by an oral vaccine for the rotavirus. The latter vaccine isn't covered by OHIP. We discovered last time that doing the oral vaccine after the needles tended to calm her down. I also had a bottle ready to go. Fortunately, my mom was with me, which helped A TON! Overall, PK behaved as well as can be expected after being poked at with two needles. Fortunately her bottle calmed her down enough for us to get her into the stroller to go home.

The subway was stuck at one of the stations on the way home, so we walked the rest of the way home, with a stop at Baby Gap for some Christmas presents for PK. PK slept the entire way home, and was very chatty as I prepared her bottle when we got home.

When I went to feed her though, all hell broke loose, and it took a while to calm her down before she'd even consider taking a bottle. She finally did calm down and had 100ml out of her usual 160ml bottle before she started to push it away, telling me that she was done. After that, she sat on my lap pretty calmly until the hubby got home, and then she started to fuss again. That's when I noticed that her right leg was bright red. She was having a reaction to the vaccine and was obviously in a lot of pain. Fortunately we had some Tempra on-hand, which we'd picked up a while back in case of an emergency. This wasn't a major emergency or anything, but no parent likes to see their child cry so hard to the point of gagging.

The Tempra worked almost immediately, and it left PK in a happy drunken stupor. At least that meant that the hubby would be able to handle bedtime on his own tonight while I went out tonight for a couple of hours with my sis.

Now I'm on the subway on my way to Yorkdale to meet up with my sis. Hopefully all is well in the homestead by the time I get back. Tomorrow we're having our friends over for an official PK meet-and-greet (most of them haven't met her yet), so I hope that she's feeling better by then.
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