December 21, 2008

Four Months and Three Weeks

The last few weeks have been quite busy for PK in the growth and development side of things. First, there's her language development. In addition to the fact that she is chatting up a storm these days, on Friday, I actually heard her say "ha" and "la". On Saturday, the hubby heard her say "da". How exciting is that???

We've also been working on having PK sit up on her own. She has definitely developed her back muscles quite nicely and is sitting up very well on the couch. No more slumping over for her! On Saturday, we also managed to get her to sit up on her own on the bed for about 5 seconds. Not only that, we got it on video! On a related note, she has also started pulling herself forward (somewhat) when we offer our fingers to her for sitting up.

While I've seen a huge improvement in PK's ability to sit up, I haven't found any huge strides being made in the standing up department. We practice standing up every day, and for a while there, PK would be able to support her body weight on her feet for a few brief seconds. Unfortunately, nowadays, whenever we try doing this, she keeps shifting her weight from her left foot to her right foot. It ends up looking like she's doing a little dance, which is quite amusing, though I think I'd prefer it if she worked more on the standing up part. I'm hoping that once she gets into the exer-saucer that my sis and her husband bought her for Christmas, she'll start getting more into standing.

As for tummy time, she still hates it. About a month ago, I thought I'd discovered Super-Awesome Tummy Time. Super-Awesome Tummy Time was when I played Superman with her (had her flying through the air while I lay on my back), and then put her down on her tummy, resting on my legs. The first few times I tried it were a complete success. She would totally push herself up, and did NOT complain about it. Then after her brief flirtation with teething, she started to get annoyed about tummy time again, and even started refusing to roll. Well, the rules of the game have once again changed. While PK is still in I Hate Tummy Time mode, she has now taken to rolling again. The funny thing is that she'll start wailing while she's on her tummy, roll over, and stop crying, accompanied by an "All in a Day's Work" expression on her face. Unfortunately, she only seems to roll on her left side. Not a huge surprise, given that her left side is her default favorite side for everything.

On that note, however, after working very intensely on getting PK to show some interest in her right side, it seems that we are finally seeing some good results. She is grasping equally-well with both her left and right hands, and seems to be amenable to the idea of looking off to her right side every once in a while. She does, however, tend to prefer her left side over her right side when she is tired. I think switching feeding sides every so often has helped a lot, along with putting all of her toys on her right side. Even still, she is pretty resourceful with that left hand.

One interesting thing that has become more prevalent in the past few weeks is her desire to lick things. PK actually started licking objects at somewhere around 3 months, though she didn't do it too often. Nowadays, I find that most objects you give her will go straight to her mouth, so that her tongue can do a little tactile inspection of the object. As part of her licking phase, PK has also taken to putting her index and middle fingers in her mouth (something that I used to do as a baby as well). Though these two fingers are most definitely NOT a replacement for a pacifier, they do provide her with quite a bit of amusement these days. Although she does tend to show a slight preference for the left hand over the right hand, the right hand does get quite a bit of tongue time. One funny side-effect of this licking phase of PK's is that whenever I pull her up to a sitting position, she will start licking my fingers if they happen to be close enough to her mouth.

What fun and exciting things will PK be up to next? Stay tuned to find out!

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