December 31, 2008

Holy Development, Batman!

PK is becoming increasingly proficient with her hands. Today, after months of trying, she was finally able to put her soother back in her mouth after taking it out. She even managed to repeat this several times!

She's also getting quite good at squealing. While she does make the occasional semi-coherent babbling sound, she does seem to prefer squealing over babbling. Her squeals have become quite sophisticated and we even sometimes trade squeals back and forth. I like to refer to it as "Pteradactyl Talk".

Tummy time continues to be a challenge. She totally hates it, and will always roll from her front to her back as soon as she gets a chance. Unfortunately, she's not always successful and sometimes winds up spread-eagle, squirming about, and wailing. Yesterday, she added something new to her tummy time repertoire. She actually moved her legs like she was trying to crawl. I think that she would've probably been successful were it not for the fact that she doesn't have enough upper-body strength to hold herself up long enough. The end result is her with her butt in the air and her head buried on the floor or bed as she tries to push herself forward. It's quite funny! On a related note, now that she has discovered this new leg movement, it seems to help her when she tries to roll over from a spread-eagle position since she manages to get her one arm under her torso. Before, said arm would keep her from rolling over in that position. Mind you, she hasn't put two and two together, so she can't actually roll over from a spread-eagle position quite yet. Soon though!

One thing she's been working on is rolling from her back to her front. Her legs are pretty powerful, and she can really get them to swing from side-to-side with a fair bit of force! She has almost managed to roll over to her side from her back a few times. I think that when she does manage to roll over successfully, she'll be sorely disappointed to realize that all this work was to roll over to a posiotion that she absolutely detests!

The most exciting development for me, however, is that now PK is able to support her own weight for a full 10 seconds when we stand her up (assisted, of course). Of course, while these milestones are great, it does mean that she will be mobile VERY soon, and I'm sure that that's when we're REALLY in for a wild ride!
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Mr. Shiny and New said...

This is exactly like my daughter. She hated tummy time and also tried "crawling" by doing a headstand. After a while she could "crawl" by pushing her face along the carpet. Needless to say that didn't make her happier. But one day it clicked and she realized that if she lifted her head at the same moment that she crawled, it would work! and we haven't been able to catch her since. But it's actually more fun now that she can crawl than before, when she could only just lie there or sit there.

IndyComp0T1 said...

These stupid-ass baby books with their damned milestones kind of have me worried if she doesn't do X or Y by a certain age. Apparently by 5 months she's supposed to be able to do the Superman thing on her tummy (lie on tummy with arms and legs hovering), and I see no sign of this. It's nice to know that she'll decide one day that she likes being on her tummy.

Mr. Shiny and New said...

Yeah, baby books are odd. Have you read any that say that your kid should be able to do "patty-cake" by a certain age? My daughter is 9mo and she can barely CLAP. Now when we try patty-cake she just tries to grab my hands for some walking time.

As for tummy-time... my daughter never really grew to like it. Instead she grew to be able to roll over and sit up and crawl away. Works for me :)