December 30, 2008

Hurtin' and Lovin' It!

Today, after being away from it for over one year, the hubby and I finally made it out to the climbing gym. My mom came over to look after PK, while we were out.

We had a blast! It almost felt like we hadn't even been away from it at all. We started off really easy with a 5.7, and gradually worked our way up. I managed to flash a 5.7, a 5.8, two 5.9s, a 5.10- (5.10a/b), and a 5.10+ (5.10c/d). I was unable to finish one climb. It was a 5.9 with a crazy-ass overhang. I might have made it up on my first attempt, but the steep overhang made me lose my nerve and I let go. I ended up swinging wildly on the rope for a while before the hubby let me down. My second attempt went no better, and I decided to stop trying that particular route so that I could save my energies for later. The hubby didn't fare any better at that route. In fact, he slipped during his first attempt. As he fell, I shot upward about 2 meters, losing both of my flip-flops, and he ended up on a collision course toward me, smacking his arm against my shin. I think that my shin ended up with the worse end of the deal. It's still hurting a bit, and has a big shiny bruise on it.

My final climb of the day was a 5.11- (5.11a/b). Aside from the killer 5.9, that was the only climb where I had a fall. I ended up slipping a few times, but I did finish the climb somewhat gracefully. By the end of that climb, I was done for, not because my fingers and forearms couldn't take it, but because my feet were just killing me. Back in my pre-pregnancy days, I wore a 34.5 size climbing shoe. I'm a 35 or 35.5 with regular shoes. It was a bit of a tight fit, but it was manageable. Well, I think that my pregnancy caused my feet to grow a bit, because that 34.5 shoe was just killing my feet. My toes are all sore, and my heels ache from the shoes digging into them. I'm hoping that this pain was a result of being away from climbing for so long, and that I just need to break in my shoes again. The only thing that worries me is that my shoes had never ever dug into my heels before, even when they were brand-new. So this might mean that I have to buy another pair of climbing shoes. While I do love shoe shopping, I HATE shopping for climbing shoes. Climbing shoes are supposed to hurt somewhat because they tend to be half a size or so smaller than your regular shoe size, and I just really can't stand any type of pain on my feet. Anyway, hopefully this will sort itself out.

Overall, I think that our return to climbing went very well; much better than I had anticipated. I think that for me, the transition was relatively smooth because of all of those hangboard workouts that I've been doing. Not only is the hangboard good for developing great back strength and tone, it is also great for developing finger strength and endurance. The trip to the climbing gym was also great because I got to spend some nice quality time with the hubby. Sure, we spend quality time at home, but this was different. It felt like the way things were when we were dating. We were goofing off. We were laughing at our injuries. It was fun!

As I type this, I am aching all over. My fingers, toes, and heels are killing me. I can barely walk. My legs are all bruised, my left elbow is scraped, and my shin hurts. But I would not trade this feeling for the world!

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