December 3, 2008

Little Miss Crankypants

PK was INCREDIBLY cranky all of week. Something was definitely bothering her, and my guess is that she's in the early stages of teething. Here's why:

- Trouble falling asleep for her daytime naps. Fortunately she was still able to nap in her stroller during our daily walks.
- Drool...lots of drool. Even more than usual.
- Lazy lazy lazy! She refused to roll over all of last when I placed her on her tummy. In addition, tummy time was annoying her more than usual - lately she hadn't been hating it as much. I'd also noticed that she was not making much of an effort to keep her head up in her Bumbo chair. Instead, she'd just flop her head down and slump over her chair.
- Frustration! She got so freaking frustrated by everything last week, that it was hard to feed her. Her head swayed from side to side as I fed her, and got annoyed when the bottle nipple would leave her mouth.
- Fingers in her mouth. She kept sticking her fingers in her mouth as if rubbing her gums. After a while she'd get annoyed by that and would only find relief in a soother.

I did buy her a couple of wooden teething toys just in case, and she has her Sophie giraffe as well. Unfortunately, the only things she took to were her soother and her fingers, and sometimes Sophie.
I was totally convinced that I'd see teeth pop up last weekend, but that was not to be. Instead, the pain seemed to have subsided and she was once again in a good mood since last Saturday. We'll see how long that lasts. Until it starts up again, I'll enjoy having an uncranky baby once again!
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