December 6, 2008

PK's Boyfriend

Yup, PK has a boyfriend. His name is James, and they've known each other since they were in utero. The funny thing is that both had the same due date - August 7th, 2008. PK was born one day before her due date, and James was born 3 weeks before his due date (July 17th).

James' mom and I hang out quite a bit, and we even go to storytime together. Whenever we get together, we always take pictures of PK and James together. It's always fun to see how they are around each other. The first time they met face-to-face, PK was about 2 weeks old, and James was 5 weeks old. We placed them in PK's playpen in the living room. PK slept and James flailed about.

One time, Lana, James' mom was over for some Friday afternoon baking, and we sat both babies side-by-side on an armchair in my living room. They weren't terribly interested in each other. They also posed together at the baby Halloween party. James was dressed as a corn-on-the-cob, and PK was dressed in a little kimono that my parents brought back from a recent trip to Japan.

On Friday, James and PK were hanging out at the library for storytime, and Lana and I decided to hold our babies up so they could face each other. For the first time ever, they seemed to take some notice of each other, and kept swatting at one another! I can't wait for them to be able to babble to each other in baby talk and start playing with each other!

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