December 30, 2008

Poopy Facts

I never thought that poop could be so amusing, and yet PK's poop continues to be a source of amusement. PK's pooping schedule is stable enough these days such that we know that 90% of the time, she will take a morning poop. She will, however, sometimes surprise us with an afternoon poop.

The funny thing about afternoon poop is its consistency. Most of the time, it's her pasty brownish-gray formula-only poop. Sometimes, however, we will be graced with seedy lighter-brown poop - the hybrid poop that used to be produced by feeding her a combination of breast milk and formula. Either way, afternoon poop tends to be a pain because she's usually in her G-Diaper by then, and it's a pain to clean the poop off of the plastic liner.

On the off-chance that PK doesn't poop in the morning, it usually means that she will poop in the afternoon. The afternoon poop project is a work-in-progress. We know that it will eventually materialize because of some pre-poop signs: namely some pre-poop grunting, pre-poop farting, and my favorite, the bug-eyed look. The bug-eyed look usually means that the poop is still a couple of hours away. When the poop finally does materialize, it's usually during an early evening or late-afternoon bottle. Yes, PK can only muster an afternoon poop while she's feeding. I don't know why, but I find it freaking hillarious. She'll start out taking her bottle just fine. Then she'll start getting all shifty and start grunting while drinking her milk. This is usually followed by a series of farts, more squirming, and finally, the pi├Ęce de resistance.

No matter what though, PK is ALWAYS in a great mood following a poop. Although I can't say that I'm a fan of cleaning up her poop, seeing how happy she gets on the change table while a mop up her butt just puts a smile on my face. Who would've thought that poopy talk would be such a source of amusement?

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