December 8, 2008


Last night we were woken up TWICE by the smoke alarm. Although both times were false alarms, we were naturally worried. The hubby suspects that the kitchen smoke detector was malfunctioning. It tends to be overly-sensitive, especially when I open the oven door to pull out my baking. (The smoke detectors are about 10 years old, so they've seen better days.)

Since all of the smoke detectors in our house are inter-connected, it meant that the alarm went off outside of PK's room. This would've been acceptable under "legitimate" circumstances, but given that this was a false alarm, it startled PK and disrupted her sleep. She was a bit agitated after the first false alarm at 4am, but went to sleep after we put the soother in her mouth. At 5:30am, when the second alarm went off, PK ended up waking up, though she was quite stunned. She ended up feeding and then slept for another three hours but this disruption screwed with her pooping schedule - no morning poop.

This whole experience, while annoying, did have a silver lining. Having a child in the house makes it extra-important to have a house full of working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Though we disconnected the kitchen smoke detector, the hubby went out and bought a whole whackload of new smoke detectors plus some extra CO detectors for the house, and installed them all. We just hope that we won't ever need to put this new equipment through a true test.
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