December 23, 2008

Splish Splash

Today I signed PK up for her very first set of swimming lessons. I had the opportunity to sign her up back in mid- or late October with some of the moms in my mommy group, but she was too young and couldn't even hold up her head that well.

Now that PK is a bit older, she's got much better control of her upper-body and holds her head up quite nicely. Also, she enjoys her bath so much now that I think that she'd really enjoy swimming lessons. Her lessons start in mid-January, at which point she'll be just over 5 months old.

One thing that was keeping me from enrolling her in swimming lessons, however, was the logistical aspect of swimming lessons. How would I change myself and PK into swim clothes and NOT go crazy? Well, my sister-in-law suggested bringing lots of towels with me so that I could put PK down on the floor while I got changed. This would be especially improtant for when we got out of the pool and I needed to change both myself and PK out of cold, wet swim clothes. She also suggested wearing my swimsuit under my clothes so that when I get to the pool, I only need to change PK into her swimming diaper. Definitely good ideas to keep in mind.

There will be one other thing, however, which will make it even easier to manage things. I signed up for a weekend swim class. While the hubby and I can't BOTH be in the water at the same time for the lesson, one of us can be in the water with PK while the other watches from an observation area. The mere fact that both of us can come to the swimming classes together means that whoever is staying in the observation area can get PK changed, while the parent doing the actual class can change in peace. Besides, the obvious great advantage to doing weekend swimming lessons means that we can alternate on who's in the pool with PK, thereby allowing both of us to share in this special bonding time with PK.

Hopefully PK actually takes to the swimming classes. Stay tuned to find out!
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Mr. Shiny and New said...

My recent experiences with my daughter may give you an idea of what to expect. She had just turn 6 months old at the start of the lesson.

First, she was the youngest in the class by far. Most of the kids were 2 years old. This meant that the activities weren't well suited to her. Our lessons were at the North York civic centre; your mileage may vary.

Second, the water in the pool was quite cool and she didn't really like that too much. But by the end of the lessons, about 2 months later, she had grown a lot and was having more fun in the water; she especially enjoyed the activities that involve grabbing things.

Finally, I recommend putting the swimming diaper on before you leave the house if you can (if the pool isn't too far away). Your sister's advice is also good. I found that having both parents in the change rooms didn't work well at our local pool because you have to go through the shower area to get to the pool deck. This makes it awkward for the parent who's in dry clothes. Our system was to go with our swim clothes on under our regular clothes; after the lesson I just put the baby on a towel on the bench in the changeroom. The first time she screamed and screamed, probably because she was cold, but after that she was ok and I was better organized so I changed her quickly. Change her, then change you, it should be ok. One parent can do it, no problem.

Good luck with the swimming lessons. I enjoyed mine even if my baby didn't :) Even got a few pictures taken with the waterproof camera before the pool staff caught us and made my wife leave with the camera. :)