December 30, 2008

Writer's Block

I've got a long list of things that I want to write about on this blog. I often come up with a ton of witty things to write about while I'm out walking or while I'm in the shower, but sometimes, when I attempt to put them in writing, they end up being a great big writing disaster.

Yesterday, for example, I had started writing about how losing weight post-partum is difficult, in spite of breast-feeding. As you may or may not know, breast-feeding burns a ton of calories. It also makes you really really hungry. With me, I also found that I had these stupid cravings for sweets. The point that I tried to make is that you can end up GAINING weight post-partum because of the cravings and constant hunger which accompany breast-feeding. The post I was writing ended up sounding like I was bitching about my weight again, and I know that I, of all people should not be bitching about weight given that I fit into my post-partum clothes 2-3 weeks after delivering PK, and that they still fit. So yeah...that post went the way of the dodo.

Determined to get a post published yesterday one way or another, I finally opted to write about Christmas Eve in PK Land. The post turned out okay, though I think it wound up sounding like I was a bit of a zombie on Christmas Eve due to my obsession with installing Ubuntu on my laptop. Okay, so I was a bit of a zombie, but I did enjoy Christmas Eve with the family. Honest! Anyway, my attempts to post kept me up until 2:30am, which would've been fine except for the fact that PK woke us up at 8:30am, so I'm kind of running on fumes now. I'm sure I'll wind up taking a spontaneous catnap at some point or another during the day. Either that, or I'll end up going to bed really early.

Oh, hell, even this post is starting to go down the toilet. I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

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