January 11, 2009

Adventures in Swimming

PK had her first swimming class today! I was pretty excited, but I was quite nervous at the same time. I was excited because it would be her first time in a pool. She loves her bath so much that I thought she'd have a blast in the pool. At the same time, I was really nervous because the pool she'd be taking her classes in tends to have rather cold water compared to the temperature that she's used to in her bath (~35-37C). My other concern was trying to figure out the logistics of changing herself and me.

Since her class is a Sunday class, the hubby would be able to tag along. This meant that he could change her while I changed myself. I wondered, however, how that would actually work. Fortunately, the pool has a family changeroom. The family changeroom consists of a few large rooms equipped with a little bench and a change station, and are big enough to fit a stroller. So all of us piled in. I changed while the hubby changed her. After we were both changed, PK and I went to the pool, while the hubby wheeled the stroller to the observation area, where the other dads were hanging out.

Before I continue, I'd like to make a little note about swimwear. Initially, we were just planning on dressing PK in disposable swimming diapers. The interesting thing about swimming diapers is that the smallest size they come in is 7kg. At her last weigh-in, PK was 5.6kg. Of course, that was 1 month ago, and she has grown since then, so we were hoping that she wouldn't be swimming in her swimming diapers (pardon the pun). Lucky for us, she fit them just fine. We went with Huggies Little Swimmers diappers. I would've preferred Pampers, since Huggies tend to leak out the ass, we couldn't find any. Beggars can't be choosers. We only got around to picking up the diapers yesterday. (Just a tad last-minute, eh?) We also picked up a little one-piece swimsuit for PK. We weren't planning on putting her into a swimsuit, but the hubby's mom suggested it, and I thought it might be cute. So we just ran out and got her a one-piece at Old Navy. We had to get her the 6-12 month size, since apparently they don't make swimsuits any smaller than that (or at least none that we could find).

So back to the class. The pool was set up with a little platform at the shallow end so that parents could get in with their babies more easily. There were 6 or 7 parents in the class - all moms, and all with baby girls. All of the dads were in the observation area. I was surprised when we got intothe water that PK didn't fuss at all. I think that she was too shocked to fuss. Although the water was a bit cooler than what she's used to in her bath, it wasn't too bad, so that probably helped.

The instructor looked like she was maybe in her late teens or early 20s, but she was super-nice and really enjoyed playing with the babies. The class was only 30 minutes long, and we didn't do all that much. We practiced front floats (babies on their fronts with their heads above the water), we did the hokey pokey, we played Humpty Dumpty (the babies were Humpty Dumpty, obviously). PK was a real trooper the entire time, in spite of the fact that we had to wake her from her nap to get her to swim class. The coolest moment during the class had to have been when I was holding her during her front float and she started kicking her legs. The other cool thing also happened during a front float. The first time I put her on her front, I didn't pay attention as to how far I'd tilted her head, and ended up submerging her face in the water. When I put her upright again, I noticed that her face was all wet, and that she'd looked a bit surprised. It was such a great little look!

I so wish that we'd been able to take photos of her swim class, but apparently photography is prohibited there. We brought our SLR with us (with our big-ass zoom lens), and trying to sneak in a photo might have been a bit too conspicuous. Next week, when the hubby takes her for her lesson, I might try to sneak in a shot using our point-and-shoot.

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