January 3, 2009

All in the Mouth

It looks like PK is showing signs of teething again. She is very drolly, and is very fussy with her bottle, swishing it from side-to-side when she feeds. She has also taken interest in her teething toys. Well, I should clarify: she has started using her teething toys as teething toys - before she was just grabbing at them and examining them.

I have to say that while she is a bit crankier than usual because of this teething thing, she HAS been in a surprisingly good mood of late. She continues to be very chatty and loves exploring her screeching range. She has also started doing more of a babbling sound in the last couple of days, and on Friday, she started making these bubble sounds (kind of like when they teach you how to blow bubbles in swimming class).

What an exciting time in her life! I swear one of these days we'll be having actual conversations!

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