January 15, 2009

Blackberry Love

So it seems that PK has gotten over her hatred of my BlackBerry and is now completely intrigued by it.

She kept staring at it while I was trying to get her to nap on my lap earlier today. She likes to fall asleep on my lap for her naps before I put her in her crib. (I know...BAD!!!) At the same time, I was checking my Facebook. Well, she wouldn't fall asleep because she kept looking over at the BlackBerry. I had to move it out of her field of vision before she'd settle down and fall asleep.

After she woke up, I was writing some blog posts beside her while the hubby sat with her on his lap. She kept squirming about to try to get closer to the BlackBerry as I typed! What a hoot!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now just wait until she starts trying to help you text! :)

Cherish the falling asleep in the lap time. Forget about "bad" and "you're not supposed to". She'll grow out of it and you will miss those moments.