January 15, 2009

Doing the YMCA

Every day, PK and I do some singing and dancing. Well, I sing and dance while she bounces around in her carrier. It is totally self-serving, because I get a workout out of it. PK IS entertained by all this, so it's totally win-win. Anyway, we always end off by dancing to "YMCA" (I've almost got all the lyrics memorized), wherby I move PK's arms around when the chorus comes 'round.

Our singing and dancing routine used to be limited to Beatles music, but we expanded our repertoire after last Saturday when PK was having a crying fit. I put on some Elvis ("Stuck on You"), "I Will Survive", and then "YMCA" in an attempt to calm her down. The hubby held her while I sang and moved her legs about. That apparently did the trick, because she suddenly let out a few big smelly farts, followed by a poop. It's nice to know that music can be used trigger bowel movements!
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