January 28, 2009

Fall #2

I've fallen down the stairs twice in the last 3 days. WTF??? Fortunately, the latest fall didn't involve PK. She was fast asleep in her room.

This time, I fell down the stairs while carrying an empty computer box to the basement in an attempt to clean up the den. This box has been sitting in the middle of the room for weeks and makes it very difficult to navigate around that room.

In some ways, this fall was worse. I fell flat on my butt (across both cheeks this time), and smacked my left arm above the elbow. I guess the bruised right arm was feeling lonely. At least I can grab things, unlike when I injured my right arm on Sunday. While I don't think I smacked my back at all, the force of falling on my butt has resulted in some significant back pain.

I swear that as soon as I recover from one injury, there's another one looming around the corner to take its place. This is NOT good considering that I have to do a fair bit of lifting (PK, stroller, diaper bag) every day. I really hope that this Advil kicks in.
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