January 30, 2009

Flight of the Svan

Last weekend, we bought PK's high chair! Even though she won't be starting on solids for another couple of weeks, I was totally excited because it meant that she could finally sit with us at the table while we ate lunch (we usually have breakfast in bed, and we eat dinner after we put her to bed). I was pretty dead set on getting the Svan high chair. First of all, it comes in espresso, which matches our furniture. Also, it grows with your baby. The height is adjustable, so as baby grows, you can lower the seat, remove the tray, and so on. This thing can be used pretty much until junior hits adolescence or so. Sweet! The only teensey weencey problem was the price. The Svan retails for ~$300 (plus or minus). Ack! That would be a tough sell for the hubby. I'd shown him the Svan that morning online, and he had definitely liked it, but the price tag certainly didn't tickle his fancy.

The hubby is my shopping anti-self. While I tend to be the more impulsive shopper, he needs to research, research, research. He also needs to justify the price. While it can sometimes be really annoying, it does bring balance to the relationship as far as large purchases go (though he has on occasion been known to make impulsive purchases). When we got the the store, I expected a total bore-fest. We'd examine the chairs. Check out the differences between the models. Stare. But then, a miracle happened. The Svan was on sale! The store was making way for the newer models, so they were marked down. It was a totally easy sell! Fortunately they had one in espresso in stock. I was so excited. It would totally match the living room furniture. Yay! We also bought a cushion for the chair (sold separately), in pink. Those were also on sale.

Besides the chair we also bought PK a new carseat, and bought some babyproofing stuff. We bought a bunch of outlet caps, some cabinet locks, and some door locks. We were going to buy some gates (we have tons of stairs), but found out that these things come in different widths, and we didn't bother measuring the width of our staircase. Arrgh! We'd have to come back another day to get these.

As for the car seat, PK still fits in her infant car seat, but I don't think it'll be long before she outgrows it. Right now, her little feet poke out of the end of the carseat, but don't touch the back seat yet, so we're still good. We ended up getting the Britax Roundabout. My sister-in-law has one and is really pleased with it. The nice things about it are that the straps are released with the push of a button, and there's velcro on the sides of the seat to hold the straps in place so that they're out of the way while putting junior in. Little things to make life just a bit more tolerable with the kiddies. Most importantly, the Britax carseats apparently have a very good safety rating. We probably still have a couple more weeks until we install the new car seat - probably once PK gets too smushed being in there (we're getting close to that), or when her legs dangle out too much, or when she weighs too much (ha - not when she's in the 25th-percentile on the weight side). When we do install the car seat, it will still be rear-facing. Once PK gets big enough, it will be forward-facing.

I put the high chair together while the hubby put PK to bed. It wasn't too tough, and it was up in no time at all. Unfortunately, she wouldn't get to try it out until the next day. I was so excited! Fortunately, she totally LOVED the high chair. I put a couple of toys on it so that she'd be entertained while we ate. She seemed to like that. While she's still not on solids, I thought I'd try to give her some water in a spoon. I got one of her little spoons out, and poured some water into it from my water bottle, and gave it to her. She looked SO excited as the spoon came close to her mouth. And then, when she realized what was IN the spoon, she gave me this face which said, "Yuck! What the hell are you people feeding me?" This totally made me crack up. I wish I could've taken a video of her expression at the time, because it was just priceless - you really had to be there. I told me sister about this, and ended up getting a lecture from her about how you're not supposed to give water to babies to hydrate them when they're under 6 months old. She made it out like I was poisoning PK. Eeesh. It kind of freaked me out, until I realized that both the hubby and I (heck, even my sis!) were given water at a very young age and we're perfectly fine.

I sometimes wonder if pediatricians have gone overboard these days. Kids these days have all sorts of weird-ass allergies which totally didn't exist when the hubby and I were growing up. Being allergic to peanuts was unheard of! Not to mention all the other weird allergies which seem to be creeping up. My mom said that I was "introduced" to solids, it meant putting a bunch of veggies in a blender to make a puree soup. None of this business about introducing one food at a time over x number of days. Times sure have changed. When I was a baby, bumper pads weren't a no-no. Now they are. Babies slept on their stomachs at a young age. Now they don't. Will we change back to the old way of doing things, or will doctors find new and exciting things to be picky about?

Well, I guess this has gone from a post about PK's high-chair to a post about this and that.

PK enjoying her high chair.

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Anonymous said...

My mom wanted me to give Halia some water and I was kind of against it because I worried it would fill up her tummy and then she wouldn't eat enough. But then one day when her little tum was full of gas, we gave her some fennel tea. It helped! And you only have to see the rolls on her to know that regular doses of tea and water haven't harmed her in any way.

I think with Halia we're probably going to tend more to infant-led weaning (Google it). There are lots of places (even in the Western world!) who don't worry too much about introducing one food slowly at a time. It's what we did with Jade and worked fine, but I'm not sure we need to be so anal about it.

BTW, one of the first things I ever let Jade taste was a mango! She wasn't really eating solids regularly yet, but I just put a piece in her mouth to suck on for one second so she could have a taste. Her expression of surprise was absolutely priceless. Next time, definitely have the camera handy!